Professional Programs

Diploma In Professional English

This international Professional Diploma program is for students or applicants who to learn and use English skill in specific to the social and business environment. This professional program provides an overview of topics discussed and vocabulary used in both everyday situations and business organizations. Students who study this program will encounter a wide range of workplace situations and have opportunities for discussion for the development of vocabulary, fluency, and confidence-building with colleagues, business customers, and friends.

Program Objective

Students will build English workplace vocabulary and language skills enabling them to speak confidently as well as accurately write and interpret written and oral business-oriented English. More specifically, students will:

  • Demonstrate English reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills at a level sufficient to communicate effectively with English speakers in work situations.
  • Apply principles of effective interpersonal, cross-cultural, and nonverbal communication.
  • Collaborate effectively with classroom work partners and in classroom work groups.
  • Use clear and correct English to complete a variety of business-related written tasks,
    including emails, memos, agendas, minutes, summaries, and proposals.
  • Promote one’s own skills and professional assets in documents written in English and oral interviews conducted in English.

Diploma in Communication In Business & Management

This program equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage internal and external communications on both a national and global scale in the business environment.
Students of this program will develop skills in the business context and its application to effective business writing at a high level, persuasive and appropriate verbal and nonverbal communication, and interpersonal skills across work colleagues and cultures.

Program Objective

The objective of the communication in business & Management is to empower students with:-

  • the ability to reach a higher level of competence in business communication
  • real-time feedback on their communication aligned with business interaction in modern setting
  • the ability to recognize language and vocal aspects that do not align with professional parameters of communication
  • capability to rectify these errors and self-improvise continuously
  • understanding of the requisites of a positive and collaborative communicator representing a brand in the global market
  • ability to present ideas assertively and confidently on any subject
  • the skill to build rapport, initiate conversations, offer feedback, respond to criticism and compliment people in a positive way
  • understanding of the potential of great listening, questioning and acknowledging the other at all times.


Honours Higher Diploma in Executive & Secretarial Assistance

The objective of this program is to prepare students with the skill sets needed become efficient executive assistants. Executive & secretarial assistants work directly with top executives in an organization by providing clerical and communication assistance to high-level executives.
Working directly with these top executives requires discretion and organization, as they rely heavily on an executive assistant's ability to handle most communication with clients, partners,
and subordinate employees.
Work career as an executive & secretarial assistant:
This program is for applicants who to acquire skills and knowledge in office management, secretarial/administrative matters, and with effective English skills.  It is also for people who want to have the opportunity to work alongside prominent figures in the corporate

Honours Higher Diploma in English & Communication

The English & Communication is the combination of English and communication studies. It provides the knowledge, ability and understanding to communicate and produce communications, clearly, professionally, and in a manner which clearly demonstrates good education, English-language competence and ability. After completion of this program, students
can work in the entertainment industry, the field of politics, social media, business, law, management, or any other field that requires clear communication skills, understanding other people, and critical thinking.