History of IAAT


The application of technology in technical, vocational, and entrepreneurial skills training to enhance the socio-economic development of society has become a prerequisite. Nallem, being a major player in the industry, is leveraging its experience to provide industry-specific training to enhance
– Talent Development
– Creativity
– Innovation
– Marketing and Entrepreneurial Skills
– And the Application of Technology
This has therefore necessitated the creation of IAAT on 15th April 2013, to replicate Nallem’s success story in many businesses and individuals in Ghana, Africa, and beyond.

About Us

The Institute of African Art and Technology (IAAT) is a private limited liability company duly registered in Ghana under the companies’ code of 1963 (ACT 179). The company is the Training
unit of Nallem Clothing Limited. IAAT is into technical, vocational and Entrepreneurial skills training and development in various trades and vocations.

Our Vision

To establish IAAT as the leading knowledge hub for all creative, technical, vocational and Entrepreneurial skills training and development, not only in Ghana but Africa and the rest of the world.

What We Seek To Do

The goal of IAAT is to provide a practical-based, industry-specific, and a market oriented platform in training and developing technical, vocational, ICT and entrepreneurial skills. The aim is to enhance the creative and artistic capability of individuals and organizations, through an innovative, entrepreneurial and Technological platform, in the creation of products and services to the mutual benefits of artisans and end users.

Our Mission

To adequately develop the capacity of trainees in the productive areas of trades and vocations, using creativity and innovation in technology and practically- proven entrepreneurial skills, to make them worthy competitors in both the local and international market environment.

Our Goals

  1. Establish a modern industry-based technical, vocational and Entrepreneurial training curriculum with emphasis on creativity, innovation and the application of technology.
  2. Enhance the productivity of existing businesses with modern trends in technology
  3. To offer modern, quality and practical skills development training and development for interested Ghanaian youth in various trades and vocations across the regions of Ghana, Africa and beyond.
  4. To offer direct and indirect employment opportunities for ten percent (10%) of every batch of trainees in the productive factories of Nallem Clothing and outsourcing.
  5. To offer entrepreneurship and business management training for all trainees of the Institute within the stipulated period of each programme.
  6. To support trainees to identify entrepreneurial opportunities in the technical and vocational enclave in their respective areas of residence or districts.
  7. Assist trainees to access local and international markets for their products and services.
  8. To further enhance the development of girls in Vocational, Technical and entrepreneurial Skills.