Diploma Programs

Diploma in Software Engineering

The One (1) year Advanced Professional Certificate in Software Engineering is specially designed to equip candidates with industry-ready skills. The program is divided into Two (2) Semesters. The first Semester focuses on training in the basic platforms that enable most IT infrastructure to operate, after which the candidate is awarded a Professional Certificate in Software Engineering. This certificate can be used to work as a Professional Software Engineer, playing key Technical Support role in any IT based installation.

The second Semester is another 6 month training that specializes in core programming languages that can be used to develop full applications targeted at various custom needs. The Professional Certificate in Software Engineering is a requirement for a candidate to enroll in the second Semester. At the end of a successful training, and upon submitting a compulsory Project Work, the candidate will be awarded Advanced Professional Certificate in Software Engineering.

Professional Fashion Design Program

This is a 2 year program designed to provide students with skills in computer-aided design, sketching, draping, patternmaking, construction, sewing techniques with the creation and management marketing strategies in the field of fashion business. After completing this program, a successful applicant can start their own business or work with the fashion industry, design house, garment manufacturers, garment store, boutiques, fashion show organizers, textile mills, leather companies, media house and several export houses.

What applicants will learn at the end of this course?

  • How to use body measurements to make made-to-measure clothing
  • How to make patterns for specific garments
  • How to assemble garments
  • How to design fashion garments