Entrepreneurial Mgt. For Artisans

Course Overview

This course is broadly aimed at building the entrepreneurial, managerial and marketing competence of trainees with a focus on effectively enhancing the skills and attitudes of managing and operating a business. This is to position the trainee with market and industry specific information on the practicality of products created, as well as an understanding of consumer buying preferences.


At the end of this program, participants must be able to:

  • Create and produce products per their market requirements
  • Use information technology to enhance, research, production and marketing activities
  • Grow their business to; -retain the loyalty of their existing customers
  • Acquire sales and marketing skills to recruit new customers
Unit Name Date Assignments
Entrepreneurship Management for Artisans Review
Fundamental & Principles of Management January 4, 2016 1
Business Planning January 5, 2016 2
Business Communication January 6, 2016 3
Arts Communication January 7, 2016 4
Human Resource Management January 8, 2016 1
Product Development & Management January 9, 2016 2
Customer Service and Relations/Customer Management January 11, 2016 3
Organization Development and Culture January 12, 2016 4
Business Law
Purchasing and Supply January 13, 2016 1
History of African Arts and Culture January 14, 2016 1
Product and Market Research Analysis January 15, 2016 1
Ethics January 16, 2016 1
Sales January 18, 2016 2
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