Chairman’s Message

Message From The Chairman

Welcome to (IAAT) The Institute of African Arts and Technology a member of GROUPE NALLEM STM created with the objective of providing Technical and Vocational skills. The application of Entrepreneurial and ICT to technical education are critical and there for to the realities of taking artisanal creativity and skills to the market.
Our Key Objective therefore is to:
– Train Artisans and as well equipped them to apply science and technology, the use of ICT and Entrepreneurship in the practice of their creative and artisanal skills
– Train business managers ranging from Administrators, Marketers, Human Resource, Accountants, etc to ultimately take the end products to the market.
• Apply the use of ICT in product development and the sales and marketing of their products
• Training in the application, maintenance and use of modern equipment to ensure precision, a good finish, design, etc

  • School of Arts and Technology
  • School of African Studies
  • School of Business and Entrepreneurship
  • School of ICT

We at IAAT are very committed to providing first class training, leveraging on our over 20 years of growing Nallem Clothing into a thriving and Monumental African fashion brand – indeed our contribution to building a vibrant and profitable artisanal industry across Africa.